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About Us

Paul Grech, the owner of Allied Engine & Auto Repair has been working on cars since he was twelve old, after school and during the summer. At the age of eighteen, he started working full time and spent eleven years in a full service repair garage. He went into business in 1973 and has been at this location for over 35 years. Since then, he has serviced or repaired over 50,000 vehicles. He runs the garage with his wife, Marianne, and his highly qualified mechanics; one of the mechanics has been with Paul for over 25 years.

Paul started on 50’s and 60’s cars and remembers them well. He still has the cars he had when he was a teenager. One is a 1936 Ford truck that he restored, and made into a hot rod, and is his daily driver. The other is a 1957 Ford Thunderbird that he keeps in mint condition.

Allied Engine subscribes to information systems that enable him and his team to have access to the latest information on new cars and what it takes to fix them. These information systems collect the data on the late model cars and the case histories on pattern failures. Many times you can get the answer to a computerized car problem from this data base. This cuts down on the diagnostic time needed to identify the problem part and ultimately the final cost to you.

Paul is the local president of Automotive Service Councils of Calfornia and has been involved with this organization for over 25 years. Paul realized a long time ago the trade associations do a lot for the small business owners. It has enabled him to keep pace with all of the changes in the car industry.

He believes in sharing what he knows with anyone that needs it. He even wrote a book for entry level people. This book contains may tricks of the trade that will make their entry into this trade much easier and more  enjoyable. He also teaches an automotive class in his shop one night a week.

Automotive technology changes so fast that no one can learn it by himself, like the old days. Paul attends many classes and seminars to stay up with the new technology.