What our customers say about us


“What can I say… When Paul retires (please dont–not ever!!), I am giving up my cars for a bicycle! He’s that good!” — Katherine H. San Francisco, CA

“Paul is old skool.  He will call you to come pick up  your car because it has nothing wrong with it.  He is honest and cool and he reminds me of my Italian father.  Three cheers for Paul!” — Marcella N. San Francisco, CA

“FINALLY!!!! An auto shop I trust completely. I have a pathfinder that needed a new transmission and I was sick and tired of going to the dealer and never feeling comfortable with their assessments and extreme prices.  I went to Paul on a recommendation and I can tell you if you have ever felt like I did, Paul will alleviate those “Trust” concerns.  He is straight forward and honest and even had me crawling under the car with him so that he could show me the problems.  I enjoyed dealing with his wife in the office; she was cheerful and a great conduit for explaining Paul’s ramblings :D Take your car here with confidence.  If Paul has the ability to fix it, he will and at a fraction of the cost of the dealerships. As a side note, my transmission failed 6 months after he put it in and when I took it back they fixed it again free of charge.  It was refreshing to have someone in the auto industry stand behind their work. It’s also great to be able to support a family business in today’s corporate world. Thanks Paul!” — Chris G. Oakland, CA

“I brought a couple of out of round strut towers that another mechanic had modified. Paul is a one in a million. Great to see that these shops still exist. Last in First Out is the only danger here. You can browse through Russian-language shop manuals from the 40s while you wait.” — Phil W.San Francisco, CA

“I have to agree with everyone on here. Paul is the old school mechanic of your dreams. Always does a great job on my VW. Always honest and always tells me what he is going to do with my car before he does, and he always tells me the cost. Good guy who does excellent work and takes pride in it. Also, it is fun to check out the cars he is currently working on. There is always some 50+ year old cars hanging around.” — Bella T. San Francisco, CA

“Paul is the man.  If you’ve got an American car, this is the place to take it.  Very reasonable prices ie damn cheap.  The man knows his way around cars, they got the work done FAST (full clutch assembly in about 5 hours from drop off to pick up) and they did it right.  No other hands besides Paul’s and my own shall ever touch my Camaro.” — Jesse H. San Francisco, CA

“I got a referral for Allied through AAA. I have been a customer there for 4 years now, and couldn’t be happier. Once I went in because my brakes were squeaking. The guy told me I could replace them, but I could also wait another 3000 or so miles. He easily could have told me that it was time for me to do it, but instead he told me the truth! That to me is trust, which is the most important thing for someone who is pretty car knowledged challenged as I am.” — Peter D. San Francisco, CA

“Went there since close to my house.  Paul put in a new tranny in my Acura TL.  Did  a fantastic job, with warranties too.   Decent pricing, and service was done on schedule.” — david j. New York, NY

“Great place — It’s the only place I’d take my Firebird (’68, w/a 455) for any kind of work in the City.  Plus, there’s always a bunch of cool old cars to drool over while yer there !!” — Katrina D. San Francisco, CA